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*Prices do not include England and Hampshire golf affiliation fees, which are mandatory for all golf club members.

England and Hampshire golf affiliation fees

Men £10.50 (England) £9.50 (Hampshire) total £20.00 

Ladies £10.50 (England) £7.00 (Hampshire) total £17.50 

All golf (not social) memberships are subject to a £200 joining fee, excluding the intermediate 18-24 and Under 18 categories. 

You are welcome to Book a Membership Tour to find out more, and if you wish we can sign you up on the day.

7-day  5-day Off Peak

£1311 (May 2024-April 2025)

Play our beautiful course anytime you want, 
all day, all week!


H.M Forces- £1091 (May 2024-April 2025)

£1054 (May 2024-April 2025)

Play unlimited golf Monday to Friday with our 5-Day membership!


H.M Forces- £872  (May 2024-April 2025

£599 (May 2024-April 2025)

Play unlimited golf 7 days a week, after 14:00 in the summer (BST), after 12:00 in the winter after the clocks change.



Under 18 

  £599 (May 2024-April 2025) for 200 points

A flexible points-based membership, for those who don't want to pay upfront for unlimited golf.
Ideal for the infrequent golfer,or those who
have an unpredictable work schedule or lifestyle.
Additional points can be purchased at any time in blocks of 50 points for £150.

Please click here to view the points matrix.

Age 18-24 as of 1st May

£583  (May 2024- April 2025) 

Play our beautiful course anytime you want, all day, all week!

Age 25-29 as at 1st May

£931 (May 2024-April 2025)

Play our beautiful course anytime you want, all day, all week.

Proof of age required to claim this discount

Under 18 as of the 1st May

£118 (May 2024-April 2025)

We also have a limited number of free spaces available for our Academy Junior Members who have Southwick Park as their home club. Currently full.

Play our beautiful course anytime you want, all day, all week!

Proof of age required to claim this discount

Social Membership 

Academy Membership  Other 

£97.00 (May 2024-April 2025)

Receive 10% off all food and drink 

£166 (May 2024-April 2025) 

Includes full use of the practice facilities and 10% off food and drink 

Locker Hire


Full locker to store golf bags and shoes includes the facility to store electric and pull trolleys.   

Hole in one cover

Please speak to the office for more information. 

When you join or renew your membership, you are committing to the fees for the full membership year (1st May to 30th April),

regardless of your payment method. You can pay the club by credit/debit card (we do not take cash) or for  further information about other payment options please click here .

Current members renewing their membership can pay by credit or debit card or for other payment options, click the link above.   We do not take cash, and you cannot pay your membership fees from your member's account. 

New Member Referral

Current members of Southwick Park can be rewarded up to £50 for each person they refer to the club. Please complete the ‘ member referral form’ before the new member joins. (Note:-You must  submit the referral form before the new member joins, as no retrospective referral bonuses will be paid).

Referral bonuses are only paid to NEW members of the club. (i.e. people who have never been a member of the Club).

If they do join, your member's account will be credited by £50 for 7-Day members and  £25 for 5-Day members, and all other categories except non-paying juniors and social members.

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