Southwick Park Golf Club

Club Dress Code

SPGC Dress Code Southwick Park Golf Club seeks to provide a friendly, relaxed and sociable environment in which golf can be played and enjoyed. Members and visitors are expected to wear smart golfing attire or smart casual clothes. We do not think it is realistic to specify exactly what this means but ask that members and visitors abide by the spirit of this code.

On the Course Golf shoes and golf attire must be worn on the course. Golf attire means clothes that are generally available for purchase in professional's shops or similar. Players wearing shorts are expected to wear socks.

Clubhouse Golfing attire or smart casual clothing (including smart jeans, trainers, sandals or deck shoes) are acceptable. During the summer months (Apr-Sep) smart and clean dimpled golf shoes are permitted in the Bar Areas. Dirty or damp golfing attire is not allowed. The wearing of headwear is not permitted, except for religious headwear.

Dressing for the Occasion Event, Function or Society publicity will highlight the dress code requirements:

Smart Casual: Includes smart jeans and trainers unless otherwise specified

Smart: Smart trousers, shirt and jacket with or without a tie (or equivalent for ladies)

Formal: As advertised for occasion

We would ask members and visitors to refrain from wearing any of the following either in the Clubhouse or on the Course: Dirty, torn or ripped clothing, clothing carrying large or offensive slogans, combat/cargo trousers, tracksuit bottoms, shorts or trousers with external pockets

Please note, we would kindly request that members do not approach other members or guests if they feel there is an issue regarding the dress code but report it to either one of the Clubhouse Team staff or a Committee member for them to deal with.

Acceptable on the Course: -

Golf wear specifically designed for the purpose of playing golf including… Golf shirts with sleeves and collars, Roll necks or new style crew necks, Tailored shorts, Long tailored trousers, If you are wearing shorts socks should be worn, Golf footwear with spikes or dimpled soles, Head wear as it is designed to be worn.

Unacceptable on the Course: -

Football shirts, T-Shirts or tracksuits, Shirts pulled outside of trousers or shorts (untucked), Sports, beach, cargo, shorts, Blue denim, cargo or tracksuit trousers, non-golf footwear, Headwear not as it was designed to be worn. Acceptable in the Clubhouse: - Recognised golf or smart casual wear, Tailored shorts with a belt hoop and a fly may be worn. Shoes / Trainers / Deck Shoes may be worn without socks, Leather sandals, FlipFlops. Smart jeans, T-Shirt with or without a collar tucked or untucked

Unacceptable in the Clubhouse: -

Waterproof Jackets, Waterproof Trousers, Caps, Hats, Sports, beach, cargo, shorts, Cargo or tracksuit trousers, Golf shoes (Unless in Spike Bar Dress rules may be relaxed in certain circumstances by the Club Captain or, in his absence, a Director, the Team Captain of the day or the authorised event


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