Southwick Park Golf Club

****Important please read about qualifying rounds For Men's Section****

To stop any disappointment please read what the requirements are to enter any of the men's section competitions.

You need to have played in qualifying rounds, this year we have reduced the amount required to 8 cards over a rolling year to help members. As the rules came in in November 2020, but we could not start the process until we returned to golf at the end of April 2021.

With the introduction on WHS all rounds are now classed as qualifying rounds as long as you enter the intention to play on the PSI screen at your home club. If playing away you can either add your round to EGU app or return your card to the club and place in box.

Your handicap is based your best 8 rounds in 20. So please get your cards in, and if you do thank you and please continue to do so.

PLEASE NOTE :- This will be increasing to minimum of 20 qualifying rounds over a rolling year starting on 1st April 2022.

Men's section competitions are classed as any competition you have to pay and entry fee for including Pairs, Scrambles, Turkey Trots etc.

If you or your partner do not have enough qualifying rounds the week before the competition start date you wil be removed for the competition and money returned.

This is not new NEWS we have been posting the requirements since April of this year.

If you need more information please contact Mark Baxter or Richard Spencer.


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